About Us

Ganzhou Chenyang Rare Earth Materials CO., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sale of rare earth high-tech products. The Company is committed to process samarium europium gadolinium enrichment, terbium dysprosium enrichment, the production of trichromatic phosphor, recycling Phosphor powder waste; rare earth recycling technology R&D and technology transfer, including rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, trichromatic phosphor and other rare earth products.


The Companies adhering to the "integrity-based, innovation first" corporate culture, and committed to achieving enterprise development, partnership and win-win business philosophy; in the future development, The Company will continue to rely on scientific and technological innovation, and will creat a new type of powerful non-ferrous metals enterprise.


The company is looking for Long-term procurement samarium europium gadolinium liquid, terbium dysprosium enrichment. Processing trade is welcomed.

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